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We make it easy to buy and sell crypto assets. Emoon provides a peer-to-peer marketplace for buyers and sellers to exchange assets for ether (ETH).
Listing is free. Buying is free. We don't take any fees from buyers or sellers. Zero gas costs for listing and nominal gas costs for buying.
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Emoon is powered by the 0x protocol. Emoon blockchain transactions use their audited, best-in-class smart contracts.

What people are saying

Emoon provides a critical service to blockchain gamers, providing a frictionless marketplace for players of games built on the ethereum platform.

A big advantage of Emoon is its own trust system: you don’t have to worry about legit sellers as every asset sold there is real and handled by Emoon...

Emoon is a decentralized marketplace for ERC-721 assets and a portfolio tracker. They recently migrated to build on 0x and implemented Instant via AssetBuyer to give users access to a wide variety of NFTs ranging from Gods Unchained tournament passes to CryptoStrikers player cards.