Game Tokens

ERC20 tokens used in game play.

Available On The Marketplace

Dank Token (DANK)

DANK is a brand new ERC20 token that powers the Dank Registry, and gives Meme Factory users the power to vote on what memes get minted and which don’t, and facilitates more in-depth governance over the parameters of the registry (when and how challenges are made and votes are won, how much of the reward goes to which party, and various other decisions).

Video Games Token (VGTN)

The VideogamesToken VGTN is specifically designed for use in video gaming applications. It has a vibrant community now. It is based on Ethereum ERC 20 standard and supports the deployment of Smart Contracts and dApps.

Wrapped CryptoKitties (WCK)

Convert Cryptokitties between the ERC721 standard and the ERC20 standard by locking cryptokitties into the contract and minting 1:1 backed ERC20 tokens, that can then be redeemed for cryptokitties when desired. The token entitles you to receive *a* cryptokitty in return, not necessarily the *same* cryptokitty in return. A different user can submit their own WCK tokens to the contract and withdraw the kitty that you originally deposited. WCK tokens have no information about which kitty was originally deposited to mint WCK - this is due to the very nature of the ERC20 standard being fungible, and the ERC721 standard being nonfungible.

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