Our Philosophy

The Promise of Decentralized, Peer-To-Peer Marketplaces

The ability to create decentralized marketplaces represents a huge opportunity to transform how we buy and sell utility tokens and tokenized assets on the blockchain. By using the blockchain to broker a transaction, buyers and sellers can interact in a trustless, secure fashion.

To facilitate buyers and sellers coming together, Emoon makes available listings of crypto assets. Like Craigslist, users can post items for sale. When a buyer finds an item they want to purchase, the settlement happens on the Ethereum blockchain, from one wallet to another wallet, using 0x smart contracts.

As such, Emoon has the characteristics of a passive online bulletin board. We never take custody, match buyers and sellers, give investment advice, participate in price negotiations, receive transaction-related compensation, nor execute transactions.

Open Source, Verified and Tested Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are the lynchpin of a decentralized marketplaces. They are what makes trustless exchange and atomic swaps possible. As such, it is essential that the smart contracts be transparent, verified and tested.

Rather than write our own smart contracts, we rely on the industry standard 0x protocol to handle the atomic swap of assets.

No Site Scraping

At Emoon, we only list assets that have been listed through our smart contracts. We don't display, scrape or proxy to any other assets or smart contracts. Additionally, we work hard to honor and respect the terms of service of any digital assets that we offer on the site.

No Proprietary Tokens or Wrapped Ethereum

We don't require use of any proprietary tokens on Emoon. All you need is ETH to purchase any asset on Emoon. Sellers will receive their ETH in the form of wrapped ETH (WETH). See the FAQ for more.

No Fees

We charge nothing to sellers or buyers. Creating a listing is completely free and doesn't even cost gas.